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If you didn’t already know and your internet service provider did not tell you, we’ll tell you now: You simply must use a surge protector for your router! This inexpensive equipment can avoid more costly issues and provides you with additional outlets to plug into. When it comes to Webformix equipment specifically, we require our radio transmitter (POE; “dish”) to be plugged into a surge protector. You may also want to consider ethernet surge protectors that will help prevent additional damage to your router.

Surge protectors are an essential part of any home network. Without one, any irregularity or “surge” in the electricity in your home can result in damage to your electronic devices. Be aware, a “power strip” or “power tap” offers no protection for your gear.

How Does a Surge Protector Keep Your Electronics Safe?

Here’s how this typically goes. There’s a lightning storm and the internet stops working. The next day a member of the Webformix local support team comes by to fix the problem. What do they find? No surge protection and a bunch of smelly burnt gear.

This is why we do our best to ensure that customers have a surge protector that they plug their POE (radio antenna power supply) and router into at the time we install their equipment. In addition to the power strip surge protector, an ethernet surge protector will provide you with additional protection.

Surge protectors can cost around ten dollars and not only will they protect your POE and router in a lightning storm, but they will also protect other electronics you plug into them. It is definitely a good idea to plug into a surge protector for your TV, computers, streaming and gaming devices, and any other high-value electronics. The ethernet surge protector looks like a phone jack box and will do the same for the ethernet cable that must also run to your router.

Why Do Routers Burn Out?

Routers can burn out for many reasons. There is a port that runs from the POE to the WAN (“internet in”) port on the router. This connection can burn out due to power surges and irregularities. An ethernet surge protector can be placed in between the POE and the router’s WAN port to help extend the lifespan of your router.

Buying Surge Protectors

Chances are that in at least one place in your home you have more plugs than electrical outlets. Easy fix, right? Just run to the nearest store and grab a power strip. Before you grab the cheapest one and head to the register, take a moment to read exactly what you’re buying.

surge protector for webformix equipment
Power Strip Surge Protector

A basic power strip may save you a few bucks but doesn’t offer protection against power surges. A surge protector acts much like a circuit breaker would at your house, stopping a potentially damaging jolt from frying all the sensitive electronic equipment plugged into it.

Best Surge Protector for Internet Routers

  • Check the back of power strips for the words “surge protector”
  • “Powerstrip” or “power tap” types do not offer surge protection
  • An “uninterruptible power supply (UPS)” is a surge protector with a built-in battery backup
  • Ethernet surge protectors should be used as well

Protect Your Electronics from Power Surges

Using an uninterruptible power supply is a great option if you are concerned with power outage events. The built-in battery allows electronics to continue to run for a short time. Some uninterruptible power supplies even come with an equipment protection policy that will reimburse you for any damage to electronics due to a power surge that occurs while properly plugged into their product. This is especially useful for lightning-induced surges as lightning is not typically covered by warranties. Of course, the safest way to see your electronics through a lightning storm is still to unplug them from power completely.

Final Thoughts on Surge Protection

If you are considering signing up for Webformix internet service, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are always happy to explain how our service works, what the installation process is like, and answer any questions you have. We are a local small business so customer service truly matters to us. One other difference is that with Webformix you do not have to rent or purchase equipment from us. While we offer routers and surge protectors for sale, you are also welcome to supply your own. And as always, we have no data caps, no contracts, and no hidden fees!

Sabine Downer

Sabine Downer

Sabine Downer is the Webformix Marketing Specialist that is responsible for our online content such as blogs, ads, internet promotions, and social media engagement.