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Whether you currently have an internet service provider (ISP) or are looking for internet service options, there are some tips to keep in mind. How you feel as a customer is determined by service, support, and billing. Finding an ISP that can support all of your needs can be a challenge. You can use these questions to help you find the right match!

Internet service is about cultivating a long-term commitment.

Eric Ozrelic, Webformix President

10 Questions to Ask Internet Service Providers

It is important for your internet service provider to communicate consistently and effectively in a positive way. Customers should be able to feel heard when they call their ISP and ask them questions. Internet service providers spend a lot of money on marketing and sales. However, nothing is more important than having sales and support staff that can listen attentively and help customers find solutions.

Technology can be frustrating, so the last thing you need is an unhelpful internet company. Here’s a simple list of items to note when making your initial call to a new ISP:

  1. Did the salesperson you spoke to listen to you or sell you on service?
  2. Did they use terminology like “Up to 12 Mbps” and do you understand what they meant?
  3. If you had to leave a message, how long did it take for them to get back to you?
  4. Did they take the time to answer all your questions?
  5. Did the salesperson ask you questions about your usage habits and inform you of the internet plans that fit your needs?
  6. Was the salesperson upfront about any contracts, extra fees, a money-back guarantee, or any other potential gotchas?
  7. Were they straightforward about installation costs and potential cancellation fees?
  8. Does the ISP have contracts?
  9. Does the ISP have overage fees or data caps?
  10. Did the salesperson make sure that you had all of the proper equipment and explain what they provide and what you provide?

Choosing Internet Plans

How you use the internet is important.  The more your internet service provider knows about your habits, the better they can serve you. For example, a couple that mostly navigates the web and occasionally watches a movie through streaming will have different needs than a family of six with three smart TVs, two iPads, four computers, phones using wifi, and teenagers playing online games.

Many ISPs will sell you on Megabits (Mb), but what they won’t tell you is that there are other metrics that describe a connection’s performance. Be curious and ask them about it. For example, the latter of the two examples above could have serious issues if the internet connection has data caps.

What are the options for internet service?

  • DSL internet (phone line)
  • Cable internet
  • Fiber internet
  • Fixed wireless internet
  • Mobile wireless internet (hot spot)
  • Satellite internet
  • Dial-up internet
  • Cellular data (cell phone)

What are my options for high-speed internet?

Your options will depend on what internet service providers are available where you live. DSL, cable internet, fiber internet, and fixed wireless internet are the top four types of high-speed internet options that exist.

What internet services are available in my area?

You can see what types of internet are available in your area by checking the FCC broadband internet map.

Internet Service Providers: Making Your Choice

Aside from the connection itself, you may need help getting your internet equipment set up. Don’t forget to find out if the internet service provider is willing to help you understand how to optimize your equipment. It takes time, energy, and dedication to get good at resolving technical issues that arise, but the right ISP will do its best to rise to the occasion.

Can I get high-speed internet where I live?

Most Oregonians do have access to high-speed internet. If you live in Grants Pass, Rogue River, or Central Oregon, you can get high-speed internet from Webformix starting from $50 per month.

Sabine Downer

Sabine Downer

Sabine Downer is the Webformix Marketing Specialist that is responsible for our online content such as blogs, ads, internet promotions, and social media engagement.