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No Data Caps, No Contracts, No Hidden Fees

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Webformix is a Locally Owned and Operated Wireless Internet Service

Serving Central & Southern Oregon since 2004

Webformix is a locally owned and operated high-speed fixed wireless internet service provider. We offer everything from broadband internet services for business to economic home internet options for both rural and urban areas throughout Southern Oregon and Central Oregon. You’ve come to the right place for great high-speed internet service whether you’re new to the area, or you’re a native Oregonian.

No Caps, No Contracts, No Hidden Fees

Our wireless internet service terms and pricing are plain and simple. Internet plans start as low as $57 per month and you can cancel at any time. We offer a $10 per month 30-day vacation option and can customize plans to meet your specific needs.

Wireless Internet Service Plans and Pricing

Looking for High-Speed Wireless Internet in Oregon?

Webformix provides internet for rural areas in Oregon. Are you wondering, “What internet company services my area?” Check out the Webformix coverage maps to see if you can get service. Since wireless internet depends on having a clear line of sight to our specific communications towers, not all properties in our coverage areas will have reception. When you call us, our friendly staff will evaluate your site and let you know for sure.

Central Oregon Wireless Internet Service

Big Technology Small Business

Webformix uses industry-leading network hardware. This wireless internet technology helps us provide a high level of service to all of our clients and balance network load to prevent others from impacting your connection. Best of all? This big technology comes with real human support provided by local staff. No more complicated phone trees or overseas tech support!

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