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Our primary responsibility is to keep your internet connection up and running normally. Our goal is to help you understand how to get an optimal experience online. When tech issues arise it can be frustrating, please be assured that our local support team is here to help you!
Our support staff can assist you in diagnosing and fixing issues such as loss of internet service, unusually slow internet service, and wireless internet equipment issues. You can contact Webformix Support by phone, email, or by using our contact form. Our support hours are 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Sunday.

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Streaming Guide

Want to know more about video streaming? This is the place. Everything you’ll need to get started replacing your expensive cable bill!

The Hand-Crafted Support Experience

Large corporate internet service providers tend to rely on phone centers and complicated phone menus. On the other end of the spectrum, many small internet service providers just don’t invest much in support staff. At Webformix, we have a lean but effective support team that is committed to providing a personalized support experience. All of our support staff is local and you won’t spend ten minutes navigating a phone menu in order to talk to them! That is why our customers rate us number one for internet service in Central and Southern Oregon!

We also publish some helpful information in our Webformix Blog if you are interested in learning more about our home internet, frequently asked questions, and general internet technology. You can also check out our Streaming Guide to make sure your video connections are configured for the best user experience.

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