About Webformix

The Webformix team is based out of Bend, OR and Grants Pass, OR and consists entirely of local professionals. Our goal is to provide high-speed wireless internet with a personalized customer service experience!

webformix owner eric ozrelic

Eric Ozrelic


Eric is the founder and CEO of Webformix. He was raised in Bend, Oregon, and has always had a fascination with wireless technology. As a kid, he would tinker with walkie-talkies from RadioShack, or build his own AM/FM radio and mount the antenna at the top of a 50' juniper tree, or create a small private network for his friends in the neighborhood to play games on. After many years of working for various consulting firms and a local ISP, he discovered that there was an opportunity to become the first high-speed internet provider in Crooked River Ranch. He went on to pioneer fixed wireless at the Ranch and to many other locations across Central Oregon.

webformix cfo matt vansooy

Matt Vansooy


Matt is the CFO of Webformix. As emperor of the cash flow, he makes sure that all of our lights stay on and keeps projects on budget. Matt and Eric teamed up after meeting on a consulting project, and the rest is Webformix history. Matt can’t wait for the day when we will all wear mono-chromatic Star-Trek-style jumpsuits, but luckily he hasn’t made this the dress code (yet).

webformix manager erik olson

Erik Olson

General Manager

Erik is the General Manager of Webformix. He is the glue that holds us all together and keeps everything running smoothly. Erik is great at explaining things to customers and bears in mind the quickly changing landscape of the internet. He is a great listener with an excellent sense of humor and knows how to empower and enable the Webformix staff to provide the best customer experience possible.

webformix jesse

Jesse Thompson

Systems and Network Administrator

Jesse is the Systems and Network Administrator at Webformix. He enjoys puzzles and patterns, natural and mathematical beauty. He prefers vegetables to fruit, and can't stand berries. Jesse is an integral part of the Webformix team, making sure our network supports top-quality wireless internet service.

webformix support nick

Nicholas Coleman

Support Manager

Nick is the rock star Support Manager at Webformix. He is known for working patiently with customers to solve tech problems. To unwind after a day of providing expert support, Nick enjoys video games and D&D.

webformix technician stu

Stu Smith

Project Manager

Stu is a Webformix Project Manager, and no two days are the same for him. Stu sees that technology is always changing, and in order to be successful, you have to change with it. His forward-looking philosophy helps Webformix keep adapting in response to change.

webformix technician steven

Steven Haro

Field Manager

Steven Haro is the Field Manager for Webformix. Since he spends a lot of time maintaining our infrastructure he gets to enjoy some amazing views of Oregon. He is a proud dad, gamer, and a friendly people person who is always happy to lend a hand.

webformix technician shane

Shane Colgrove

Field Technician

Shane is one of our Webformix Field Technicians. He is bubbly and friendly and always happy to help. He can climb communication towers like Spiderman, except he’s way cooler.

webformix technician aaron

Aaron Sadler

Field Technician

Aaron is one of our Webformix Field Technicians. He is a third-generation STEM geek who enjoys solving problems and learning how things work. His favorite book is The Way Things Work by David Macaulay and his favorite film is The Wizard of Oz.

webfomix sales courtney

Courtney Shootingstar

Sales Manager

Courtney is the Webformix Sales Manager. She works hard to keep everything running on schedule. When Courtney takes your call, you can rest assured that you’ll get the right internet service plan for your specific needs.

webformix billing darlene

Darlene Baker

Billing Specialist

Darlene is the Webformix Billing Specialist. She is truly a blessing and works hard to ensure customers get the best service. Darlene moved here from Arizona in 2018 and loves crafts like crochet, cooking, and the outdoors.

webformix marketing sabine downer

Sabine Downer


Sabine is the newest addition to the Webformix team. She is responsible for Webformix Marketing and loves to create content that is interesting, fun, and helpful for customers. Sabine is a former scientist who loves puppies, sunshine, and spreadsheets.