Wireless Internet Equipment

Wireless Router

Webformix does not require you to purchase a wireless router from us, but if you choose to we will set up your router at the time of installation and help you troubleshoot router issues if they occur in the future. We also provide a one-year warranty for replacement in case of failure! If you choose to use your own router, you will be responsible for setting it up. You’ll need to make sure that it is a stand-alone wireless router (no router-modem combos), and it needs to have ethernet ports (not coaxial cable ports).

Radio Antenna

Webformix radio antennas are the key to our service. They transmit wireless internet signals from communications towers to your router in your home. The radio antenna and its power supply (PoE) are subject to a refundable equipment deposit ($50.00) and can only be supplied by Webformix. The radio antenna must be mounted on your home, except in stitutions where a tree installation is required. We must drill into your home to run wiring from the radio antenna to the power supply indoors. Because of this, our services are often not an option for renters in apartment buildings or homes where the landlord will not permit it. If you live in an area with a home owner’s association (HOA) you may also need to make sure that our radio antenna will not violate their terms.

*Note, the picture is just one of the many radio antenna models used

webformix wireless internet radio antenna

Power Supply (PoE)

You may hear us talk about a “PoE” which is the power supply to your radio antenna. This equipment looks like a laptop cord, where there is a box with two cords coming out of it. When Webformix installs its wireless internet hardware, you pay us a refundable deposit. When your service ends you keep your router (even if you bought it from us) but you must return the PoE to us in order to get your deposit refund. We will remove the radio antenna ourselves, but since the PoE is inside your residence you are responsible for its return.

webformix power supply for internet radio antenna

Power Strip Surge Protector

Surge protectors are an essential part of any home network. Without one, any electrical irregularity or “surge” in the electricity in your home can result in damage to your electronic devices. Be aware that not all power strips have surge protection! If you need a power strip with surge protection at the time of wireless internet installation, Webformix sells them at cost ($10.00) to ensure your equipment and our equipment are protected.

surge protector for webformix equipment

Additional Wireless Internet Accessories

Ethernet Surge Protector

An ethernet surge protector is similar to a power strip surge protector. Both protect electronics from irregular surges that can damage wireless internet hardware. Webformix does not require customers to use an ethernet surge protector, however, they are always a good idea since ethernet connections can be damaged just as easily as power cords.

Network Switch

A network switch provides additional ports to your router and allows you to have multiple devices like a computer and a Smart TV all connected directly via ethernet cable. In some cases, this direct connection helps improve the quality of video streams and avoids WiFi issues like signal interference or signal inconsistency.

WiFi Extender

Webformix does not sell WiFi extenders, but if you are having issues where you are not getting WiFi in a particular room or area of your house you may need to invest in one. WiFi extenders are inexpensive and help your WiFi signal distribute to areas where walls or furniture can create signal interference.

USB WiFi Dongle

A USB WiFi Dongle connects to your desktop computer. When connected, it allows your desktop to connect to the internet via WiFi instead of connecting via an ethernet cable and router. If you live in a house with multiple desktop computers, you may want to consider using a WiFi Dongle instead of running additional ethernet cables. Webformix does not sell these, but they are an option to be aware of.