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Whether you are a student or parent, you’ll want to check out these free online tools for students. Students rely heavily on the internet for their schoolwork. However, many students don’t learn about useful online tools for students until they get to college. These free online tools can help you feel less frustrated and provide support outside of the classroom whenever you need it.

Free Online Tools for Writing and Research

You can access free peer-reviewed research papers through Google Scholar. Be wary of website content that can creep into the search results, but overall you should be able to access good quality research. NCBI and PubMed are further resources for free peer-reviewed research papers. Once you’ve started your research paper, you’ll need to cite these sources. The Purdue OWL is a great resource for improving your writing skills. It is especially helpful for formatting citations and avoiding plagiarism. There are additional resources for students in grades 7 to 12 and ESL students.

Free Online Textbooks and Courses

Looking for free online textbooks? Openstax has some great free textbooks and so does Oregon State University. Online learning courses are offered for free through Khan Academy. They are a great supplement to classroom learning.

The website Open Culture is a robust source of free educational resources. Here is a brief list of all the free online tools for students and other goodies they offer:

  • Free textbooks and ebooks
  • Free movies and audiobooks
  • Language lessons
  • Free courses in all topics from business to coding and beyond
  • K-12 resources
  • Art and image libraries
  • Writing tips
  • Free music
  • Maps and atlases

Free Online Tools for Students: Math

Better Explained is a website that helps students understand math with visual aids like videos. You can also check out which offers high school math courses in Pre-algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry. They also have free SAT and ACT sample problems. Similarly, offers topic reviews, practice problems, and online calculators to help your student master their numbers. The key to success in math is truly working problems repeatedly so having additional practice problems and alternative explanations of concepts can help students solidify their knowledge.

Free Online Tools for Students: Science

University of Minnesota Anatomy Image Bank is great for students that need to study anatomy and physiology. Their blank images will help students prepare for tests where they need to label and identify body parts and systems. Khan Academy (mentioned previously) is also a great place to find free online learning tools for science students. For chemistry students, the American Chemical Society (ACS) offers free online tools for students. You can also try using this virtual chemistry laboratory to run simulations.

Learning science involves a lot of memorization. Finding ways to make memorization interactive is a huge help. Activities like labeling blank diagrams are very helpful. Read, listen, see, do, and tech are four keys to success. Encourage students to do assigned reading prior to their lecture. Listen and take notes during the lecture. Look at visual aids and participate in labs. Then get together with a study group to teach and explain topics to each other. If you take all of those steps you’ll find learning science is not that hard!

Free Online Tools for Students: Reading

Learning to read isn’t easy for all kids, but there are so many great programs to encourage and support them! Of course, your local libraries in Deschutes or Josephine County are a great place to start. Just visiting the library on a weekly basis helps kids get excited about reading. The Free Reading Program is a free online tool for students that offers a full K-6 curriculum to help kids learn to read. ReadTheory offers worksheets and reading exercises for K-12 and ESL all for free, and K5Learning has similar resources for all subjects aimed at kids in grades K-5.

Final Thoughts

The internet service that Webformix provides is critical to ensure that students have the resources they need to succeed in their education. Internet access is essential for students and free online tools for students help make learning less frustrating. Likewise, parents have the challenge of helping their students with homework that they likely haven’t seen since their own time in school. We hope these tips and resources help you and your students achieve education goals!

Sabine Downer

Sabine Downer

Sabine Downer is the Webformix Marketing Specialist that is responsible for our online content such as blogs, ads, internet promotions, and social media engagement.