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Internet in Redmond, OR 97756

Redmond may be the second largest town in Central Oregon behind Bend, but it is by far the fastest-growing community. It is nestled northeast of Tumalo, and west of Powell Butte, with Terrebonne to the north. With the shortage of affordable housing in Bend, more and more folks are moving to Redmond where they can get more for their money. Redmond also boasts beautiful sunsets and amazing views of the Sisters Mountains.

When researching Redmond internet providers you might notice that Webformix stands out. We are the highest-rated internet service provider in Central Oregon and have widespread service availability. Webformix is a local internet service provider that delivers internet service to Redmond via communication towers located on Cline Butte, Gray Butte, Grizzly Mountain, and Powell Butte. This helps us to provide internet service to even the more rural outlying areas of Redmond.

To receive a good signal, your property will need to have an unobstructed line of sight to our specific communication towers. From there, the radio antenna (“dish”) that is mounted on your roof will transmit the signal to the router located in your home. The router allows you to connect directly to the internet via an ethernet cable, or you can utilize the WiFi signal it puts out.

Because a clear line of sight to the communication tower is needed, not all properties will be able to get wireless internet service. When you call Webformix, our friendly local staff will assess your site. We will only install internet service if we can get you a good quality signal. We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to make sure you love our wireless internet service!

Webformix isn’t the only ISP in Redmond, but we are the highest-rated internet service provider in Central Oregon. Whether you are looking for excellent customer service or broadband speeds, Webformix has the Redmond internet service you need. We are locally owned and operated, so you will never be diverted to a call center when you call. With Webformix hand-crafted support you get a personalized experience that you wouldn’t expect from an internet provider.

Coverage Map

Green = Best Coverage
Blue = Good Coverage
Yellow = Coverage May be Available