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Internet in Prineville, OR 97754

Prineville is one of Central Oregon’s most beautiful recreational areas. It is located east of Terrebonne and extends to Juniper Acres south of the Prineville Reservoir. The Prineville Reservoir offers excellent boating and fishing while the Ochoco Forest Range offers excellent hunting and camping opportunities year-round. Prineville stands as the oldest community in Central Oregon.

With property prices in Bend, OR on the rise, and a shortage of affordable housing options, more and more residents are being attracted to cities like Prineville. This means that more than ever there is a demand for broadband internet service in Prineville, OR. Webformix is a leading internet provider in Prineville and is the top-rated ISP in Central Oregon.

Webformix provides high-speed internet service to Prineville from communication towers on Grizzly Mountain, Grey Butte, and Powell Butte. We never install our services if we cannot provide a good signal and when you call we will evaluate your specific property to make sure we can provide sufficient connection speed and quality.

If you are looking for internet service in Prineville, OR, give Webformix a call today. We have no contracts, no data caps, and no hidden fees. Webformix is locally owned and operated so you will always speak with a local staff member. We pride ourselves on providing hand-crafted support and making high-quality internet service a reality for rural communities!

Coverage Map

Green = Best Coverage
Blue = Good Coverage
Yellow = Coverage May be Available

Prineville Wireless Internet Service from Webformix

Webformix provides Prineville, OR with fixed wireless internet service from our infrastructure that is located on Grizzly Mountain and on Powell Butte. You can take in quite a scenic view from our infrastructure sites. Here are some of our favorites!