Please power cycle your wireless equipment

why routers need surge protectors

We have detected a problem with your wireless connection, so we need you to power cycle your wireless gear and then phone up our tech support line to get back online.

  1. Power cycle your wireless gear first. Not just your personal router, but the box that supplies power onto the data cable leaving your house and leading to the roof as well.
  2. After your wireless gear reconnects to our network, you will see this message again when you try to browse the internet and that is what should happen because we will have to manually turn the message off.
  3. Please call our support line at 541-385-8532 so that we can confirm that the root cause of the problem has been resolved by the power cycle and then manually restore your service.

It may be possible that we’ll have to schedule a technician to visit your property and resolve the problem with your radio directly, but in most cases this kind of problem can be resolved by a simple power cycle.

We apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to hearing from you so that we can get everything back to working order. 🙂

Webformix Support