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Internet in Juniper Acres, OR 97754

Juniper Acres is located east of Alfalfa in Central Oregon. It is technically part of Prineville but is located south of the reservoir. Juniper Acres offers abundant land with a high desert landscape. Many residents here live off-the-grid like in Three Rivers, so getting high-speed internet service is a challenge and there are not many options.

Fortunately, Webformix has blanketed Juniper Acres with high-speed internet so residents can live in their little piece of heaven while still being connected to the world. With very little potential for signal obstruction or interference, Webformix internet in Juniper Acres is widely available from our communication tower on Powell Butte.

Please do be aware that a $100 non-refundable trip fee is charged any time our technicians need to travel to Juniper Acres. This includes site surveys, maintenance, installations, and any other trips that are needed. Juniper Acres installations are non-standard and cost $200 in addition to the trip fee. Our equipment deposit is waived.

If you are a Juniper Acres resident looking for high-quality rural internet service, make Webformix your first call! We are locally owned and operated and offer hand-crafted support. Your call will never end up in a call center and will always be handled by a local representative.

Coverage Map

Green = Best Coverage
Blue = Good Coverage
Yellow = Coverage May be Available

Juniper Acres Wireless Internet Service from Webformix

Webformix provides Juniper Acres with fixed wireless internet service from our infrastructure that is located on Powell Butte. You can take in quite a scenic view from our infrastructure sites. Here are some of our favorites!