internet for hugo and merlin oregon

Internet in Hugo & Merlin, OR 97526

Hugo, OR, and Merlin, OR are two unincorporated communities just north of Grants Pass in Josephine County. They are not too far from the Rogue River and offer scenic views of trees, mountains, and rivers. However, being more rural and outside of Grants Pass proper can make it difficult to find an internet service provider in Merlin and Hugo.

Like Rogue River and Grants Pass, getting internet service to customers is a challenge because a clear line of sight is needed. Trees and hills can block signal reception. In some cases, tree installations can be performed as a last resort to get internet access to difficult rural locations. These cost extra and require hiring an arborist but provide lasting infrastructure. Most properties will not require tree installations. In order to determine if Webformix can provide high-speed internet to your specific location, we evaluate your site when you call and if needed we send out a technician to do a free site survey.

Webformix is a leading internet service provider for Southern Oregon, including Hugo and Merlin. While our communication towers are not able to reach every property, the ones that are within range enjoy high-speed wireless internet with no data caps, no contacts, and no hidden fees! With Webformix Internet, you can get broadband internet speeds in rural locations. For lighter internet users and part-time residents, we offer plans starting as low as $50 per month. Plus, we offer $10 per month vacation suspend in 30-day increments. Call us today to learn more about Webformix’s locally owned and locally operated internet service.

Coverage Map

Green = Best Coverage
Blue = Good Coverage
Yellow = Coverage may be available, tree install might be required