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Internet in Culver, OR 97734

Culver, Oregon is a small town south of Metolius and Madras, and north of Crooked River Ranch. Most of Culver is farmland, but there are also residential areas full of people excited to live near the beautiful Lake Billy Chinook and Cove Palisades State Park. With the high-quality internet service provided by Webformix, these residents are able to stay connected and work from their rural homes that otherwise may not have traditional cable internet options.

There are not many options for getting internet in Culver, OR, and Webformix wireless internet is not available at every property. It is always a good idea to call us before purchasing rural property in Central Oregon to make sure that high-speed internet is available. Webformix has communication towers on Round Butte, Juniper Butte, Grizzly Mountain, and Grey Butte to serve Culver residents and businesses. To access these signals, a clear line of sight is needed. Trees or hills can obstruct our internet signal, and we will never install in cases where internet quality will be poor.

Webformix is a locally owned and locally operated internet service provider. We specialize in providing rural Oregon with high-speed wireless internet with hand-crafted support. Wireless internet plans start at just $60 per month and we also offer broadband internet plans to support telecommuting and business internet in Culver! Call us today to learn more!

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