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Internet in Crooked River Ranch, OR 97760

Crooked River Ranch may be in rural Oregon (north of Terrebonne), but it offers outdoor fun like boating and fishing, and a fantastic golf course with some of the most beautiful views of any course in Central Oregon! Webformix started its wireless internet service in Crooked River Ranch in 2004. Even though Webformix is located in Bend, OR, we found out that Crooked River Ranch was a great place to begin offering services. Crooked River Ranch is full of kind folks who have to drive a long way to get places, so we bring the world to them through our high-speed internet.

Whether you need business internet service or home internet service, Webformix offers Crooked River Ranch a variety of internet service plans including broadband internet speeds. Crooked River Ranch internet requires a clear line of sight to the communication towers that host our network technology. We must install equipment on the roof or eaves of your residence or business, then point the radio antenna (“dish”) towards a communication tower location that transmits the internet signal.

Webformix has three communication tower locations visible from Crooked River Ranch. These include towers on Cline Butte, Grey Butte, and the Crooked River Ranch water tower. We also have a Rim Repeater that provides service down in the canyon near the business park. These vantage points allow Webformix to offer its high-speed internet to over 80% of Crooked River Ranch residents!

Our internet clients at Crooked River Ranch have played an integral role in making Webformix the top-rated internet service provider in Central Oregon and are always eager to recommend us to their neighbors. They love that we offer simple high-quality internet with local support. Webformix internet services can provide you with broadband internet speeds with no contracts, no data caps, and no hidden fees! We are a locally owned and operated internet service provider that pairs small business with big technology. Call us today to find out more!

Coverage Map

Green = Best Coverage
Blue = Good Coverage
Yellow = Coverage May be Available

Crooked River Ranch Wireless Internet Service from Webformix

Webformix provides Crooked River Ranch with fixed wireless internet service from our infrastructure that is located on the CRR water tower and on Grey Butte. You can take in quite a scenic view from our infrastructure sites. Here are some of our favorites!