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Internet in Bend, OR 97701

There are a few options for Bend, OR internet providers including two large corporate ISPs that provide cable internet and DSL internet options. Webformix is different because we are a small local business and we use wireless internet technology instead of cable internet or DSL internet (phone line). Webformix high-speed wireless internet for Bend is provided via our communications tower on Awbrey Butte. This does limit our service availability somewhat since we cannot typically get sufficient signal to the western slope of the butte. However, we are able to transmit high-quality wireless internet towards Downtown Bend and the eastern side of the city. Eastern and Southeastern Bend are particularly popular areas for Webformix internet service.

Internet service providers do not cover all parts of Bend equally, and they may require data transfer caps, contracts, or charge high rates if you don’t bundle with their other services. Webformix high-speed internet service is simple, local, and there are no contracts or usage caps. Whether you are unsatisfied with your cable internet or DSL internet service or are getting internet service in Bend, OR for the first time, give us a call! Webformix is the top-rated internet service provider in Central Oregon!

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