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Internet in Alfalfa, OR 97701

Alfalfa is a small farming community east of Bend, OR, west of Juniper Acres, and South of Powell Butte. Alfalfa was named for the primary forage crop grown there and is now home to a ranching community that has a population of about 400 families. Our communication tower located at the summit of Powell Butte to the north provides high speed internet service for Alfalfa.

The vast majority of Alfalfa residents have a line of sight to Powell Butte and can get Webformix internet service. In some cases, we can use our communication tower on Awbrey Butte to get wireless internet service to residents around Horsell Rd and Willard Rd.

If you need internet in Alfalfa, OR, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We will only install and sign you up if we can provide you with high-quality internet service. We never install if the connection is poor and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee!

Coverage Map

Green = Best Coverage
Blue = Good Coverage
Yellow = Coverage May be Available

Alfalfa Internet Service from Webformix

Webformix provides Alfalfa, OR with internet service from our infrastructure that is located on Awbrey Butte and on Powell Butte. You can take in quite a scenic view from our infrastructure sites. Here are some of our favorites!