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Are you having issues with your Email, DSL, or Dial Up connection? We have listed some common problems and how to fix them below. This does not cover every situation, but offers advice for some of the most common issues.

Problem: Unable to Send Email

“I can receive them just fine, I just can’t send them…”

(This is usually one of two things)

Scenario One – an email you have sent in the past has been flagged/marked as spam by either the recipient or the recipient’s automated spam settings. If this is the issue you will normally get an error stating you are “not permitted to relay”.

Solution: This is fixed by changing your password (once changed you can change it back to the old one if you wish, but a password change is needed).

Scenario Two – you have exceeded the number of emails allowed to be sent per day (this limit is VERY high, in the tens of thousands). This is almost always a sign that your email account has been compromised and that an outside source is sending mass emails with your email account credentials.

Solution: One – you need to change your password ASAP (so as to kick out anyone using your email account), and Two, you will have to wait up to 24 hours for the daily limit to be reset so you can send emails again.

Problem: Unable to Send & Recieve Email

“I can’t receive my email or send them…”

(This is usually one of three things)

Scenario One – you simply do not have an active internet connection to the device that is trying to access your email account. You can confirm this by trying to perform a Google search. You will get a search error if your internet is out.

Solution: follow your internet service providers troubleshooting procedures.

Scenario Two – your email client could be experiencing some issues. Possibly due to an invalid server setting. This is common if your device updated it’s operating system recently. Alternately it could be some other device or email client (such as Outlook or Apple Mail) specific issue. You can confirm this by logging into your email account through Webmail. If your email works through Webmail, then the issue is specific to your device.

Solution: you can use the section on Setting up your budget email on a new device to confirm your email client has the proper settings.

Scenario Three – your email account could have been suspended for payment issues or on rare occasion the email server itself could be experiencing an issue.

Solution: in both cases you will need to call Webformix to inquire.

Problem: DSL Internet is Not Working

“Help! My DSL internet is not working!!!”

There are several things that can cause your DSL service to stop working. Here is a few things to check for before troubleshooting. What lights do you see lit up on your DSL modem? There are really only 3 lights to worry about. The first light is the power light, the second light is the DSL light and the third is the Internet light.

Scenario One – You have green lights on all 3 of the first lights and still do not have any internet.

Possible Solutions:

  1. Make sure the device you’re trying to access the internet on is connected to the modem properly; either by a wired cat5 cable or wirelessly via WiFi. Once you have confirmed this, try rebooting the modem itself. Power it off, wait 30 seconds and then power it back up again. If you do not have internet after the modem has fully reboot then reboot the device your trying to access the internet on itself.
  2. If at this point you have followed the above steps properly and do not have an active internet connection you will need to call Centurylink (1-800-244-1111) to inquire if they have any outages in your area and if they are able to see you have an active DSL connection. If you have called Centurylink and they see no issues on their end, you will want to call Webformix (541-474-6082) next. There is not a lot we can check or have control of, but there on rare occasions there may be an issue we can see and help with. At this point we may recommend the next step.
  3. Bringing your modem to the Webformix Office to have the modem tested on the Webformix DSL line. A flat out bad modem can sometimes be identified here in the office, but normally what is found is that the modem works on the DSL lines at Webformix which then confirms that either there truly is something going on with the Centurylink DSL line in your area or that your modem could possibly be showing signs of intermittent failure.

Scenario Two – You have a red light on the third light (the internet light). This is usually one of two things. Either the configuration in the modem is incorrect and it is no longer reaching the authentication servers, or that your account is possibly suspended.

Solution: You will first want to call Webformix (541-474-6082) to confirm you have no account issues going on. If you have no account issues you may want to bring your modem in to Webformix to have the configuration settings reviewed. It is always possible in a power outage for the modem to be reset.

Scenario Three – You have a red light on the second & third light (the DSL & internet light): The red DSL light indicates there is an issue on Centurylink’s end.

Solution: You will need to give Centurylink (1-800-244-1111) a call to have them research the issue.

Scenario Four – You have a red light on the first, second and third light: This indicates a possible issue with the modem itself.

Solution: Try rebooting the modem, making sure to power it off for at least 30 seconds before you power it back up. If the modem still has all red lights, you can bring the modem here to Webformix to have it tested. There is a good chance you will need to purchase a new modem.

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