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Internet in Coos Bay, OR 97420

Coos Bay is the newest addition to the Webformix wireless internet service areas. Webformix has become the top-rated internet service provider in Central Oregon and Southern Oregon and is now offering services to this coastal community. Coos Bay is surrounded by the beauty of its bay on the Pacific Ocean and surrounding forests. It has a history of shipbuilding and lumber production and is the largest city and community center of the Southern Oregon Coast.

The Webformix wireless internet communication tower in Coos Bay, OR is in a fairly central location. We currently have high-speed wireless internet customers getting service between Donnelly Ave and south until geographic interference from Bunker Hill challenges our signal reception. We are also able to provide wireless internet service to the east side of town north of the Smith Reservoir.

If you are interested in getting high-speed wireless internet service for your home or business in Coos Bay, OR, don’t hesitate to get us a call. We are excited to introduce Coos Bay to our small business with big technology. Webformix customers love that they can get internet service from a home-grown company with local staff. Internet service plans from Webformix start as low as $50 per month and you never have to worry about contracts, data caps, or hidden fees!

Coverage Map

Green = Best Coverage
Blue = Good Coverage
Yellow = Coverage may be available

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